The titular projects

Harp Luthier Apprenticeship

Beginning September 2022, I've been apprenticing with Sligo Harps, learning to make, repair, and restore harps! It's been a delightful experience and I hope to someday be able to include my own reproduction 18th century harps to my store.

Block Printed Fabrics

We (re)design our block prints based on extant examples of 18th century prints in museums all over the world. They're made by hand in India, by a small third-generation owned printer, the same way block prints in the 18th century were origianally made! 

Unmade-up Embroidery

We have the Beast, a big, beautiful industrial embroidery machine with a massive 47x11 inch field. There's been a learning curve and it's still 'in progress' but we are actively working to make gorgeous textiles that you can cut and sew for your own projects.

Merchant Stall

A project on my radar and currently in the 'research and wish for money' phase is a tent of the historical variety that I can take to 18th century markets and reenactment events! Of course, there's also the matter of getting everything to any given event as my sedan isn't going to fit much, but I can't even begin to think about attending in person events with the setup to do so. 

Silk Print Fabrics

Inspired by painted silks of the 18th century, we're currently researching suppliers for printed silk taffeta. This is very early days and may not pan out at a feasible price point, but if I can manage to get the quality high enough and the retail cost at a feasible level, we'll try funding it via kickstarter.

Ellowyn's Cat Art Project

As a mother, I'm proud that Peas Projects has been an inspiration for my daughter! Since starting it, she's played at making a store and selling things, and now heads up her very own division of Peas Projects. All proceeds from her art go to her college fund.