About Us

Hello! I'm Marianne Pease, and I've been a costumer since 2006. I've enjoyed all types of costumes from anime and video game cosplay, historical recreations from a variety of time periods, sci-fi and fantasy recreations, as well as the occasional original creation. I love the artistry and the process that goes into costuming, and the adventure of finding the perfect fabric for a project. 

When I started getting into 18th century historical sewing, it was always easier to pick solids than to worry about finding something historically accurate 'enough'. Ikea and Williamsburg make some lovely options, but I wanted more! When 2020 rolled around (with all that that entailed), I began putting my dreams down on paper and planning in earnest. My family has been extremely supportive and with careful budgetting, we began to take the first steps early in 2021.

Rahul Textiles and Handicrafts was a lucky find for us, and is a wonderuf fit for our manufacturing needs. They're a small third-generation family business with deep roots in their local community as they work to preserve the art of traditional block printing methods. They invest in their workers, paying for children's education, helping with housing, employing women, and even paying for marriages. They use AZO-free dyes, which are better for their employees health as well as the local environment. 

This is my big passion project, but with a little luck and your support, I've got so much more coming in the future! Historically-inspired embroidery is on the horizon along more period prints. I hope you'll stick with us, and I can't wait to see everyone else's projects too.